Crop Insurance

At Key Cooperative, we believe in providing the best service possible to our clients. To deliver the highest level of service, we have built a crop insurance team with a combined experience of almost 50 years who understand your business and know how to navigate through the complicated risk management decisions that must be made each growing season.

We offer top quality Crop Insurance Sales and Service based on the following perspectives:

As independent agents, we provide great products and services through our companies:

  1. Mapping Services
  2. Automated Crop Acreage & Production Reporting
  3. Innovative crop-hail and other named-peril products to better protect your bottom line

Our Crop Insurance Team:

Take Action
Contact any of our licensed agents or your local Key Cooperative agronomist for more information about our crop insurance services. We are an Equal Opportunity Provider.

Brent Deppe

Agronomy Department Manager, Licensed Crop Insurance Agent

p: 641-594-8130

c: 641-521-7978

Dan Dunsbergen

Grinnell Location Manager, Licensed Crop Insurance Agent

p: 641-236-6591

c: 641-990-1714

Greg Artz

Risk Management Specialist, Licensed Crop Insurance Agent

c: 515-215-0062
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