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Start Clean for Vigorous Emergence

As weed populations continue to evolve, they become

What We’ve Learned (So Far) in 2018

From planting conditions, to weed control to nitrogen management – the variable weather patterns we experienced this year push us even more to incorporate a planned approach to our agronomy decisions in 2019.

Make a Plan For 2019

With harvest here, now is the time to start planning for the 2019 crop.  What you do this fall

Late-season fungicide and nitrogen applications

Not all hybrids respond the same

How Does Nitrogen Work?

You’ve selected your hybrid and now have it in the ground but we’re challenging you to think about the next step. Do you know how nitrogen is working in your soil? Let us help you with this step and watch “The Nitrogen Story.”

What is the value of your seed?

What is the value of your seed? This seems like an easy question, right? The accurate answer is…you get what you pay for! Newer genetics and traits mean a higher cost. On the other hand, older genetics and fewer traits mean a lower cost.

Sustainable Solutions for 2018 and Beyond

The buzz word for agriculture continues to be Sustainability.  Are those in agriculture doing the right things to not

Don't Leave Fall Nitrogen Unstable

Nutrient management is as important in fall as it is at planting.

Start Planning for 2018

As harvest wraps up, it’s time to start planning for the 2018 crop. Since what you do in the

Nitrogen stewardship, step three

Nitrogen modeling and adjusting your nitrogen investment

Nitrogen Stewardship, Step #2: Split Applying Your Nitrogen Investment

Last month I covered the first step in Nitrogen Stewardship, Nitrogen Stabilizers.  This month, I am going to cover

Nitrogen Stewardship, Step One: Protecting Your Nitrogen Investment

Nitrates have been the buzzword in the statewide media for the past two years. Most of the talk started

Iowa Supreme Court Decision Puts Momentum Behind Making Real Progress in Improving Water Quality

Iowa Soybean Association President Rolland Schnell issued the following statement regarding the recent decision rendered by the Iowa Supreme Court prohibiting Des Moines Water Works from seeking damages from drainage districts in three northwest Iowa counties.

Learn more about one of the solutions that your CENTROL Precision Ag team is offering to improve your planter performance

Learn more about one of the tools that Key Cooperative is using for your Nitrogen Management in 2017

Start Planning for 2017

Now that we are in harvest, it is time to start planning for the 2017 crop.  What

Now is the Time to Consider Soybean Disease Management

Depending on planting date and variety most of the soybeans in our area

Planning a Fungicide Application?

This is a critical period when disease management decisions are made, specifically, fungicide applications.

June Grinnell Agronomy Update

Being an essential business partner means consistently improving

The Importance of Nitrogen Stabilization

Side-Dress applications of nitrogen are already upon us.  Just like not all nitrogen products are
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