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Don't Let Current Grain Markets Derail Your 2020 Marketing Plan

The market has been experiencing a “lack of excitement” as of lately, providing a flat corn market that hasn’t moved +/-$.10 since the start of November and a bean market that has taken a nosedive since the signing of our phase one trade deal with China. Where does this leave us for marketing then?

Managing Price Risk in a Volatile Market

Right now, the grain markets are less than excited. Although slightly higher than we traditionally see for corn this

Don't lose sight of your marketing plan!

As combines get rolling and we get busy with all that fall brings, we must remind ourselves to keep

Is Another Market Shift on the Horizon?

It feels like we could be nearing another market shift as we approach the August 12th USDA crop report. 

Winter Grain Update

The markets have finally tried to break out of the trading range we’ve been in for the past couple

Key Cooperative FOB Program

Key Cooperative implemented a Freight on Board (FOB) program this summer which provides producers with a competitive, custom bid for grain picked up at the farm-gate by Key Cooperative, and delivered to the most competitive end-user within the local market.  This new program has seen a lot of success and we want to build on it by further expanding our competitive portfolio of marketing options.  Starting in December, Key will be bidding the same bid as the processor on all full-month bids for grain shipped direct off the farm through Key Cooperative

Is this the year for Minimum Price Contracts?

With harvest starting, we’ve seen the usual yield reports from all over the country and they are as variable

Summer Uncertainty

Crop issues or Funds. Which wins out or has the bigger effect on the markets as we go through

Does History Actually Repeat?

There appears to be a substantial number of bushels and producers that are hoping that history will repeat. Another

Marketing Goalpost

A long time ago I heard a guy say “you can’t kick a field goal if you don’t have

Keep Revenue per Acre in Mind

This may be riding a dead horse but there are times when it is beneficial to repeat things; reminders

Receive Scale Information Via Text Message!

   At, Key

How Big Can The Crop Get?

How big can the crop get? This is truly the million/billion dollar question. With the

Where & Who

The USDA continues to project a huge corn carryout and what would be nice to

Grain Management Vital Now

Check the grain’s temperature and moisture content.

Branstad signs Harvest Weight proclamation

Proclamation to aid farmers in hauling harvest in an efficient and effective manner

Corn and Soybean Acreage

The debate about the size of the USDA’s final estimate of the 2014 U.S. average corn and soybean yields continues.

Corn Stover Meeting Announced

ISU Extension & Outreach invites all to learn more about the corn stover harvest.

Drying and Storing Wet Soybeans

Careful management when drying and storing soybeans is essential to maximizing your profits.

USDA: Record Corn, Soybean Forecast

With U.S. corn production forecast at a record 14 billion bushels, growers can expect to see futures prices stay above $4 per bushel for the time being.

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