Join us in the Purina Feed Greatness Challenge, your first step on the path towards feeding greatness!

When it comes to greatness…the proof is in the pudding. This is why we offer Purina feed trials for your horses. This gives the horse owner a chance to use the product and see a difference. Feed trials run for 60 days and can be done on any equine product we have in our lineup. We understand that every horse is different and finding the right feeding program is a priority.

We recently completed a trial on Strategy Healthy Edge with the Iowa State Horse Program. This trial was feeding their yearling thoroughbred prospects, which are sold every fall. We were able to compare to what they were feeding in past and see the great outcome that our horse feed provided for these prospects.  “The yearlings that are prepped by our Iowa State University students for the fall ITBOA sale showed tremendous improvement in their overall body condition, hair coat and maturity when fed Strategy Health Edge,” said Iowa State Horse Unit, Nikki Ferwerda.

Let’s get you set up on a Purina horse feeding trial and get your animals reaching peak performance.

Danica Weber
Key Cooperative Animal Nutrition Consultant

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