Essential Partners: QLF® Works to Improve Rumen Performance.

In the midst of another winter feeding season, now is the time to take inventory of what feedstuffs we have available on the farm. Some Key producers have already taken the initiative to have me pull samples of their 2017 forages. The test results will help us work in partnership to come up with rations that meet the needs of the cow as well as utilizing on-farm forage inventories. The wet spring of 2017 left us with good tonnage of grass hay that didn’t test very well compared to the 2016 samples. Early 2017 alfalfa samples had mixed results depending on how much grass came up in the first cutting. Later cuttings of alfalfa tested well if we were able to get it up without complications, but tonnage was lower than expected for the majority of our producers. QLF® Pasture Enhancer 40 from Quality Liquid Feeds gives us the opportunity to improve the lower testing grass hay and cornstalks, so that we can stretch the supply of our better forages.

The sugars and proteins in the molasses-based QLF® Pasture Enhancer 40 work to form an essential partnership to unlock the potential of your forages. It allows us to unlock the energy in the forage which is a more efficient way of getting energy to the cow than adding corn to the diet. Corn has the tendency to increase the energy of the diet, but reduces the forage intake and fiber digestibility as the inclusion increases. The effect of corn in a forage-based diet is that the energy that we were hoping to receive from the corn in the diet is nullified by inefficient fiber digestion. The protein works to feed the “fiber bugs” with nitrogen so they can break down the fiber in our forages. With this, the animal has the ability to consume more forage because of an increased rate of fiber digestion. When non-protein nitrogen (urea) is added to the liquid it readily breaks down to feed the “bugs” and provide degradable protein to the cow at the rumen and bypass protein in the small intestine. A little of it in the liquid can deliver improved rumen performance in the cow.

QLF® Pasture Enhancer 40 can be delivered from our Newton and Barnes City locations using truck delivery units. At the Gilbert location, we use QLF® Bullets for customer pickup. These bullets are created with the help of the agronomy department using former anhydrous tanks to make liquid protein tanks. They work without the need of a pump. The tank is filled with QLF® Pasture Enhancer 40 and charged with 40-50 psi of air to expel the liquid from the tank. We can also make arrangements to fill 250 gal caged totes for our producers. There are as many ways to utilize the product as there are delivery methods. The liquid can be used in a two to four wheel QLF® lick tanks, added to a TMR ration, put on ground forage coming out of a hay processor, or used to “treat” bales. “Treating” the bale refers to turning the bale on end, pouring the QLF® Pasture Enhancer 40 at 7-10% by weight over the end of the bale. Pouring of bales can be done at our Newton (641-791-0740) and Barnes City (641-644-5122) locations. This partnership between the liquid and forage creates a bale that delivers more dry matter, more protein, more energy, and supplemental vitamins and minerals.

If you are interested in putting the essential partners of sugar and protein in QLF® liquid to work for you or just have questions, please contact us.

Justin Crocheck – Senior Beef Specialist: 515-291-0763
Dustin Drexler – Beef Specialist: 319-560-4442

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