Get Your Planter Ready for #Plant18

With all the cold weather and rain, it’s hard to believe we are only weeks away from #plant18. As we’ve heard so many times before, “You only get one chance to do it right when it comes to planting.”

Your planter is a high-performance machine, not an endurance machine. Therefore, it is important to inspect your planter and check components like chains, bearings, bushings, disc openers, scrapers, gauge wheels, closing wheels, etc. Not sure what to look for? Contact your local CENTROL Precision Ag Specialist and schedule a planter inspection with one our experts.

One of the most overlooked components on a planter is the seed meter. The seed meter is an essential part of proper seed placement, providing maximum singulation and spacing. In recent years, planting data has taught us that every 1 percent of singulation costs us approximately 1.5 bushels per acre. So, while a 95–97 percent singulation sounds like a good number, you could be losing 5 to 7.5 bushels per acre.

Seed meters need to be inspected and calibrated every season in order to achieve optimum performance. Most meter components begin to show wear and performance degradation at 150–200 acres per row. CENTROL has the ability to test and evaluate any meter currently on the market.

Here’s how the calibration process works. We start by simulating your planter speed and target population using your recommendation on specific seed size. We then create a live comparison and scorecard on how your meter is performing. Based on the scorecard, we will make adjustments to your meter and/or replace the necessary components to achieve its highest potential.

CENTROL specialists believe every bushel counts. Contact your local CENTROL Precision Ag Specialist to schedule your meter calibration, and get ready for a productive planting season!

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