How Does Nitrogen Work?

In last month’s newsletter “Is Hybrid Selection a Factor in Your Nitrogen Plan?” I talked about the importance of knowing your hybrids ability to respond to different rates of nitrogen.  Not all hybrids respond the same.  Some hybrids need a high rate of nitrogen to reach full yield potential.  Whereas some hybrids have a limited response to high rates of nitrogen.  Knowing this allows you to build the nitrogen plan that is best for your hybrids.

In this month’s newsletter, I felt it was important to review how nitrogen works in not only the corn plant but also the soil.  As we approach “side-dress” season, we already know nitrogen works for our soil but we also must know how each form of nitrogen responds in the soil and how stabilizers work. Both of these components are very important in fine-tuning your 2018 nitrogen program.  To help shed light on this process, I invite you to take a look at the video clip “The Nitrogen Story” from one of our precision Ag partners – 360 Yield Center.  It is one of the best videos I have seen and tells the nitrogen story in a way we all can relate to.


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