Key Cooperative Members Save Money at the Pump

Who doesn’t like to save a little green? Our 24-hour fuel stations provide you with premium fuels from Cenex®, at any hour of the day. Now when using your Key Cooperative fuel card, members save $.06 off each gallon!

In 2013, we introduced customers to a $.04 discount at all our fuel stations. Today, we expand that savings by increasing the discount another $.02 for all our member-owners totaling $.06. Not only will you receive an additional discount, you will also see the added value of patronage earned from every gallon of fuel purchased at Key. So put away those other credit cards; this deal is better than 2% cash back!

The details:

If you would like to know more about how to get a fuel card or questions about this discount, simply call or stop by your local Key Cooperative location.

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