Make a Plan For 2019

With harvest here, now is the time to start planning for the 2019 crop.  What you do this fall could have a large impact on your yields in 2019.

The first area to look at is your planter.  Making sure the seed gets planted in the right seed bed at the right depth and spacing is your most important decision for the year.  A few things to keep in mind in regards to your planter:

The next area to look at is your seed selection.  Seed Selection sets the tone of what the potential is for a given field.  What are the characteristics that you liked or disliked about your seed choices this year?  Characteristics may include:

The next area to look at is fertility.  Fertility is one that can get overlooked since Phosphorus and Potassium are already available in the soil.  However, much like a bank account too many withdrawals from the soil bank and not enough deposits can result in overdrafts in yield.  Part of your soil fertility checklist should include the following:


These are a lot areas to look at on your farm, however taking time to evaluate each of these areas while they are fresh in your mind, can help you make good business decisions in regards to your crop inputs for 2019.  Which in turn could pay big dividends in terms of yield.  As always, feel free reach out to your local Key Cooperative Agronomist or Centrol Precision Ag Specialist for any of your agronomic and technology needs.

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