A New Chapter at Key Cooperative

It’s like that book you just can’t put down. The next page offers a new twist, something exciting or dramatic and by the time you reach the next chapter you realize you’re captivated. Your cooperative, as it exists today, is nearing 100 years of service and dedication to agriculture producers in Iowa. That’s one chapter after another of stories about family farming, business success & failure, advances in technology and scientific discoveries. The next chapter of the Key Cooperative story is one of celebration as we announce new leadership and the next CEO of our cooperative.

In July, the Key Cooperative Board of Directors unanimously selected longtime Operations Manager and Interim General Manager, Boyd Brodie to lead the cooperative as CEO. Boyd was named Interim General Manager and has been serving in that role since April 1, 2017 following the retirement of Jim Magnuson, who led the organization for 19 years.  “The board had a number of good candidates,” said Board President Bob Finch, “But Boyd came to the top with his passion for Key plus his unwavering commitment to the members of this coop.

Born and raised on a grain & livestock farm northwest of Nevada, Boyd grew up working alongside his father and grandfather. He became skillful at learning to maintain, repair and progressively modifying farm equipment to a point where he knew he had developed the ambition to continuously improve things. During high school and then while at Iowa State, he put those skills to the test as he went on to operate sprayers, build planters and customize toolbars.

Boyd started his career as the first agronomist at Farm Service Cooperative in Council Bluffs, IA where he later went on to serve 12 years as Agronomy Manager. Boyd has now been with Key Cooperative since 1998 serving in the roles of Agronomy Manager (1998-2016) and Operations Manager (2016-present). “The unanimous decision by the Directors is a strong vote of confidence that we have the right employees in place to lead the cooperative successfully forward,” said Boyd, “I have dedicated my career to the cooperative system and firmly believe it is the most productive and effective resource available to our members and customers.”

Though his leadership truly began back in April as interim manager, Boyd met his official new role head-on; wasting no time in designing the framework for the 2017/2018 business plan. In August, he led the Board of Directors and Leadership Team through a planning process where they developed specific strategic measures for both the success of the overall company and the member-owners. “The timing of this planning session coincided well with the selection of the next leader,” said Boyd, “It allowed our directors to work together with our leadership team and re-focus our strategy for the cooperative.”

As we turn the page to the next chapter at Key, the Board of Directors wish to thank the owners of this cooperative for the support during the transition of leadership but more importantly, for believing in this cooperative for nearly a century.

Key Cooperative CEO, Boyd Brodie can be reached at: Boyd.Brodie@keycoop.com

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