September 21-27, 2014 is National Farm Safety & Health Week

Each day during the National Farm Safety & Health week a new topic is discussed. We have selected a few videos and informational sheets for each day. Check them out below:

Monday: Rural Roadway Safety
Monsanto Rural Roadway Safety Video
Monsanto Rural Roadway Fact Sheet

Tuesday: Health
Monsanto Sun Safety Video 
Monsanto Sun Safety Fact Sheet

Wednesday: Children’s Safety
Monsanto ATV Safety Video
Monsanto ATV Safety Fact Sheet

Thursday: Confined Spaces in Agriculture
Monsanto Grain Bin Safety Video
Monsanto Grain Bin Safety Fact Sheet

Friday: Tractor Safety
Monsanto Tractor Safety Video
Monsanto Tractor Safety Fact Sheet

For more information, click the icon below to be taken to the National Farm Safety & Health Week Website.

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