Start Planning for 2017

Now that we are in harvest, it is time to start planning for the 2017 crop.  What you do this fall could have a large impact on your yields in 2017.

First, think about your planter.  You must ensure the seed gets planted in the right seed bed – at the right depth and spacing. This is the most important decision you will make all year.  Consider these things when thinking about your planter:

* Our CENTROL Precision Ag team can help you with all the above planter concerns. Call them with questions or recommendations when planning for 2017.

Second, you must evaluate your seed selection.  Seed selection sets the tone for your field’s potential.  Think about the characteristics you liked or disliked about this year’s seed choices.  Characteristics may include:

Next, consider fertility.  Fertility is one that can get overlooked since Phosphorus and Potassium are already available in the soil.  However, much like a bank account, too many withdrawals from the soil bank and not enough deposits can result in overdrafts in yield.  Part of your soil fertility checklist should include the following:

Finally, assess your weed control.  2016 was one of the toughest years in weed control since Roundup Ready beans came on the market.  Glyphosate tolerant waterhemp is now very wide-spread in our area and his cousin Palmer Amaranth has now been identified in Iowa.  The following are few things to keep in mind in selecting your weed control program in 2017:

Your Key Cooperative Agronomy team encourages you to evaluate each of these areas while they are fresh in your mind. Strategic planning will help you make good business decisions, which in turn, could pay big dividends in terms of your 2017 yields.

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