The Secrets of Winter Diesel Fuel

Though harvest is in full-swing, winter is right around the corner. Planning ahead might be the best advice in any situation but it’s definitely the case for your diesel fuel. Who really wants to struggle with diesel this winter? Nobody! So, we’re letting you in on all the secrets to a stress-free fuel experience.

Tank Maintenance
     • Tank should be sloped away from pump.
     • A drain is needed on lower end of the tank. Drain water at least once a year. Preferably before temperature goes below 32 degrees as the water will be frozen.
     • It’s better to keep storage full to slow water formation. 

     • Re-fuel in the evening when shutting down, not in the morning. Newer equipment has high pressure common rail injection systems (tier4). This bypasses fuel back to the tank resulting in it being hot at the end of the day. Therefore, there’s heavier condensation in tank after it cools down. Fuel filters will last longer and you will have less service problems if you re-fuel right after shutting down.

     • Always use RoadMaster XL SE or Ruby FieldMaster SE (mixture of #1 & #2 with WAIV) for colder months. Use these fuels and you will have no problems with our temperature range or the above housekeeping practices. 
     • Also remember, if you have fuel problems before 20 degrees, the issue is related to water.

–> If you are monitored on AFD and have asked us to handle it, we change your designated tanks automatically. If you want this service call 800-469-1040

–> If you use a limited amount of winter diesel, you can also call us to put your tanks on hold so they run down the end of harvest.

–> All 24-hour fuel stations will have RoadMaster XL SE and Ruby FieldMaster SE (Sully, Nevada Bulk, New Sharon, and Bondurant) by mid-November. It is more expensive, but less trouble is worth it!

For a copy of Cenex Winter Fuels Products & Best Handling Practices, please contact the Energy department 800-469-1040.

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