USDA shares 2015 results

WASHINGTON — This year, millions of rural businesses and families were positively impacted by U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) investments in their communities. Today, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack released a list of USDA’s top achievements in 2015, demonstrating USDA’s efforts to help farmers and ranchers bring their products to tables domestically and abroad, build critical infrastructure in America’s rural areas, conserve our nation’s natural resources through long-lasting partnerships, and continuously work toward improving the lives of all Americans.

“Since 2009, USDA has focused significant and targeted investments in America’s rural communities to bring transformative change. Last year, those investments blossomed across the United States with substantial results in the burgeoning bio-economy, an exploding local and regional food system, unparalleled investments in renewable energy, improved nutrition interventions for young people, historic partnerships in conservation and greenhouse gas reduction, and major contributions in rural infrastructure, among some. Even with challenges in 2015, including an unprecedented animal disease outbreak and lower commodity prices, America’s rural communities have proven once again that we are a nation of makers, creators and innovators, and our economy and security are stronger because of it. As we look to 2016, USDA will continue to seek out new and innovative ways to expand opportunity for America’s farming families and rural communities,” said Vilsack.

USDA invites all Americans to take a look back at 2015 through our archived In Case You Missed It series. Posted weekly, the In Case You Missed It report tells the stories of rural Americans who are working to meet ever-changing challenges, paving the way to empower future leaders to meet the world’s growing food, fuel and fiber needs, and continuously adapting and evolving to ensure American agriculture remains a leader throughout the world.

Here is a list of USDA’s top outcomes in 2015:

Agriculture and Trade

Anti-Poverty Efforts and Nutrition

Cost Savings and Process Improvements

Climate Change

Global Food Security

Conservation and Forestry

Energy and Bioeconomy

Food Safety

Rural Development


Civil Rights


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