From hogs to harvest, Iowa farmers need reliable energy to accomplish the important task of feeding the world. Approximately 40 percent of American farmers use this locally produced, abundant resource. We started our propane services over fifty years ago with farmers like you in mind. When you need reliable energy for all of your agriculture needs, turn to Key Cooperative, your essential business partner.

To find out more about Key Cooperative propane services, contact your closest Key Cooperative location or call our Energy hotline 800-469-1040.

Propane can be used for:

  • Grain Drying
  • Livestock Heating (i.e., Hog Barns or Poultry Houses)
  • Cylinders for Equipment (i.e., Forklifts)
  • Fuel for Farm Equipment
  • Generators
  • Agriculture Burners and Torches
  • Irrigation Systems
  • And More!

Why Use Key Propane?

Key Energy Specialists offer knowledgeable support.

We’re here whenever you need us for all of your propane needs. Our CES (Certified Energy Specialists) can help farmers facilitate the process of installing and using propane throughout the farm. Lean on our expertise to help you set new tanks, schedule trenching for new propane lines, or contracting for more gallons as needed.

Key Propane lowers your costs.

Keeping an eye on your bottom line is as important to us as it is to you. We’ve seen the way propane can help increase efficiency and lower costs for our members. Propane equipment is built for efficiency, so it can lower your fuel costs across the board. Plus, if you are a Class A Member, you also qualify for an additional 10-cent discount on every gallon of propane purchased.

Learn more about our membership benefits.

Key Cooperative offers a variety of contract options.

Another way Key Cooperative work to make your fueling needs more affordable is through our flexible contract options. Optimize your billing through a fixed price or prepay for your propane needs up front. Or, you can spread your costs out evenly by electing our budget billing option. Our LP tank lease program can also help you save on up-front investments.

Key Cooperative offers no-hassle refueling.

You work hard every day, which is why we use an auto-schedule system to deliver your propane. Technology inside your propane tank alerts our distribution center when your tank is low, which means you never have to think about checking your tanks or placing orders. One of our friendly propane technicians will stop by within a few days to make sure your tank is topped off.

Key Energy Specialists are safety-minded.

Your safety is our priority. We’re proud to say our CES (Certified Energy Specialists) have completed training through the National Propane Gas Association’s voluntary training program CETP. In the unlikely event that you do experience a propane leak, we offer 24/7 support through our Energy Hotline, 800-469-1040.

Key Propane offers sustainable energy.

Propane is a clean, low-carbon fuel that produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions than many other energy options. It burns cleaner than diesel and gasoline and does not contaminate groundwater or soil. It’s the ideal energy source for farmers looking to create more sustainable practices.

Optimize Your Farm Energy

Are you taking full advantage of propane’s power? There are several ways to use propane, for equipment, building heat, harvesting techniques, and more. Call your nearest Key location today to discover ways to utilize propane more.

Switch to Key Propane

You’re doing your research, and looking for the best option that serves all of your propane needs. If you’re interested in getting quick and reliable service that fits your budget and partnering with a Central Iowa business, we’re here for you. Give us a call today to talk about our switchover program.

Using Propane Beyond the Farm

Propane can be used beyond the farm as well. From outdoor living and standby generators, to indoor home and water heating, learn more about this efficient and affordable energy source for your entire property.

To find out more about Key Cooperative propane services, contact your closest Key Cooperative location or call our Energy hotline 800-469-1040.

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