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Old Fuel Can Be Hard on Mowers
April 15, 2015
Nothing says summer like neighborhoods coming alive with the sounds of lawn mowers and the smell of fresh-cut grass.
First Report of a New Crop Virus in North America
April 13, 2015
University of Illinois scientists reported in Archives of Virology evidence of the new mastrevirus, tentatively named switchgrass mosaic-associated virus 1.
Key Cooperative CCAs Recognized
April 08, 2015
In a recent news release, the Iowa Certified Crop Advisers Board of Directors recognized individuals for fifteen and twenty years of service to agriculture as CCAs
Cover Crops: Agriculture’s hero
April 06, 2015
Cover crops are the real heroes in the world of agriculture.
Photo Project Showcases On-Farm Practices Protecting Water Quality
April 02, 2015
More than 92,000 crop and livestock farms dot Iowa with the farm families who own and manage them providing stewardship of nearly 31 million acres.
Key Cooperative Shares Plans for New Agronomy Project
April 01, 2015
This February, Key Cooperative’s Board of Directors unanimously approved a multi-million dollar investment on a 35-acre site which has been named the Grinnell Greenfield Agronomy Project.
CoBank Announces Renewal of "Sharing Success" For 2015
March 31, 2015
CoBank Board of Directors Commits $3 Million to Match Donations By Cooperative and Other Eligible Customers
USDA says extending farm bill signup for another week to April 7
March 30, 2015
U.S. farmers will have another week to enroll in the government's new subsidy programs under the five-year farm bill, with the deadline extended to April 7, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said on ...
Young Farmers Still Concerned About Adequate Land
March 24, 2015
Finding and securing adequate land to grow crops and raise animals was once again the top challenge identified in the American Farm Bureau Federation’s annual outlook survey of participants in the You...
Why does diesel fuel cost more than gasoline?
March 23, 2015
While gasoline prices took a dramatic dip in 2015, drivers who rely on diesel fuel haven’t seen as much relief at the pump.