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Energy Products & Services

Diesel fuel, gasoline, propane and more


For farms, businesses and residential customers

When you think of farmer-owned cooperatives, energy might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But through our energy partnership with Cenex, we have made a major commitment to storage, transportation and energy delivery services for our member-owners, as well as local businesses, municipalities and residential propane customers. We know that dependable, prompt delivery is key when choosing a fuel supplier, and that safety is also a top priority. Tank leasing and purchasing options from Key Cooperative allow you to buy fuel when prices are favorable.

In case you encounter a propane or heating emergency, call our 24-hour hotline at  800-469-1040.


Cenex® Premium Diesel comes with a more complete additive package for a more complete burn to optimize performance in all engines. The Cenex name has been an industry leader in premium fuels and after more than 50 years of keeping up with the latest advances in diesel technology, we’re proud to offer their line of on-road and off-road products to our customers.


Fuel Brands We Carry:


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Refined Fuels

Automated Fuel Delivery

Take the guesswork out of checking tanks and placing orders, thanks to technology that sends a notification from your fuel tank to our distribution center. Our deferred billing program allows you to pay for only the fuel you’ve used, according to the average monthly price. Improve your cash flow and increase your productivity with AFD.


Clean, dependable and economical


For farm, residential and business customers

Cenex is one of the largest propane distributors in the entire country, and meeting the needs of local farmers, businesses and residential customers who depend on us for their heat as well as their livelihoods is a top priority. Key Cooperative also offers a variety of propane purchasing and financing options, as well as auto fill and electronic tank monitoring to help ensure you never run out of this efficient, clean-burning fuel.


Commercial Propane

Business owners, especially in rural settings, need fuel to operate their business that’s as hard-working and reliable as they are. Propane is one of the most versatile sources of energy, offering a variety of applications for commercial use. Whether your construction crew needs temporary heating during the winter months, or you’re looking for an affordable fuel for your fleet, Key Propane offers a wide variety of propane services.

To find out more about our propane services, contact your closest Key Cooperative location or call our Energy hotline 800-469-1040.


Agricultural Propane

From hogs to harvest, Iowa farmers need reliable energy to accomplish the important task of feeding the world. Approximately 40 percent of American farmers use this locally produced, abundant resource. We started our propane services over fifty years ago with farmers like you in mind. When you need reliable energy for all of your agriculture needs, turn to Key Cooperative, your essential business partner.

To find out more about our propane services, contact your closest Key Cooperative location or call our Energy hotline 800-469-1040


Residential Propane

Get peace of mind and dependable warmth with propane. From heating your home on a wintery night to making a meal for your family, Key Cooperative has you covered. And if you are in the process of building your home, you want to make the best decisions for the long-term quality of your home. Choosing Key Propane gives you ideal heating solutions along with friendly local service you can depend on.

To find out more about our propane services, contact your closest Key Cooperative location or call our Energy hotline 800-469-1040.

Lube, Oil & Grease

Products for farm, home and business

Get them delivered right to your door

Cenex lubricants are the finest in the field, and suitable for virtually any mechanical or performance need. Farms, commercial businesses and transportation companies can save money by purchasing these products in bulk. Cenex makes lubricants, oils and grease for a wide range of uses, from passenger cars to tractors and combines, pickup trucks to semis and other commercial vehicles. If we don’t have the exact product you need, we’ll order it for you with delivery.

Total Protection Plan (TPP)

Keep your business running like a well-oiled machine.


The Cenex Total Protection Plan® is unsurpassed in its ability to provide valuable coverage for agriculture and peace of mind for you.

Think of it as a no-fault insurance policy — one that helps keep you in the fields when you need to be there. There’s no deductible, which can really pay off and help keep things moving during crunch times like planting and harvest. Whether you buy new or used equipment, protect that investment with the best warranty in the Ag industry. When you use Cenex® lubricants and Ruby Fieldmaster® premium diesel fuel exclusively, you’ll get up to 10 years or 10,000 hours (8 years or 8,000 hours on used equipment) of engine and transmission coverage.


Fuel Savings


Use your Key Cooperative fuel card at any Key station and save 4 cents per gallon. Are you a member of Key? Class A and B members save an additional 2 cents while using their Key fuel card for a total of 6 cents off per gallon.

Our 24-hour fuel stations offer premium fuels from Cenex, including Unleaded, Super Unleaded (10% ethanol blend), Unleaded 88, and Premium Cenex Roadmaster XL.

Key Cooperative's convenient, 24-hour fueling stations are found in 10 different communities (see below for locations)
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Our 24-hour fueling stations help keep rural communities humming

Use your Key fuel card, credit or debit card to fill your tank with gasoline, diesel or ethanol blends—anytime of the day or night—365 days a year.
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