We strongly support the idea of helping animals live their best lives.

Through high-quality animal nutrition, our feed team is dedicated to helping livestock perform at the highest level while maintaining good animal health.

Livestock and Companion Animal Feeds

The right nutrition for every stage of life

Our nutritionists are ready to help

Whether you keep a small flock of chickens in your back yard, run 250 head of beef cows or feed 10,000 pigs a year, Key Cooperative is your dedicated feed partner. Our high-capacity mill in Grinnell manufactures and delivers bulk feed for local swine, dairy and poultry operations, as well as pelleted beef, dairy and swine feeds. Our versatile second mill in Gilbert produces texturized bagged and bulk feeds for beef, dairy, poultry, sheep and goats.

We are a Certified Expert Dealer for Purina feeds, and offer retail feeds at several locations for all species. We are also your local supplier of Quality Liquid Feeds (QLF), including liquid and tub products for beef, dairy, sheep and goats.

Each of our Key nutrition consultants specializes by species, and can help you develop the best possible rations for your commercial beef, dairy, poultry or swine operation, as well as show animals, hobby stock, horses and pets.


From farrow to finish, we’re here to help

We can even help you find pigs to feed

Key Cooperative is more than just a high-volume manufacturer of pig feeds. Our swine specialists, Howard Vroom and Dan Harmsen, can help you locate sources of both weaned and feeder pigs.

They can also assist you in becoming a contract feeder, by connecting you with area swine producers. And once you’ve got pigs to feed, Howard and Dan are your “go-to” guys for virtually all swine nutrition needs, including Ultra Care bag/bulk starters, Gro/Finish VTM and breeding herd products.

Contact Howard or Dan for all of your swine needs.

Email Howard or call 641-660-4538

Email Dan or call 515-232-6515


You’re at home on the range. We deliver there.


Find everything you need at Key

From cow-calf operations to feedlots, our feed experts Justin Crocheck and Dustin Drexler along with the team of nutritionists stand ready to help you grow and maintain your animals as efficiently and as profitably as possible.

We’ll work with you to provide feed products that fit the management style of your operation, including the complete line of Purina beef feeds as well as QLF liquid products, direct shipped to your farm or available in 2,000-lb. totes.

  • Purina Steakmaster supplements, Wind & Range minerals, and Rangeland creep feeds
  • Locally-manufactured and economical bulk creep feed products
  • Quality Liquid Feed (QLF) products
  • Protein and mineral tub

Contact Justin or Dustin for all of your cattle needs. 

Email Justin or call 515-291-0763
Email Dustin or call 319-560-4442


From milk replacer to dry cow rations


Nutrition and management consultation available

Our dairy nutrition specialist, Gary Van Engelenhoven, loves dairy cattle. And he can help you with ration formulation for virtually any stage of cow development, using feedstuffs available on your operation.

Key Cooperative carries products from Purina Dairy, Purina Milk Replacer, and Quality Liquid Feeds (QLF). We also offer locally-manufactured, texturized calf starter products. 

  • Purina Dairy
  • Purina Milk Replacer
  • QLF Liquid Feed

For all of your dairy needs, call Gary at 641-660-0107.


We know how much you love horses


We can help you feed them right

Key Cooperative offers the complete line of Purina Equine products. From foals to seniors, and everything in between, our equine specialist can help you match the right level of nutrition with your horse’s age and level of activity.

We also carry bulk equine feed to help our customers be more efficient and stretch their dollars further. Talk to one of our excellent support staff today for nutrition advice or recommendations.

For all your equine needs, contact Ceara by email or call 641-260-6179.

Honor Show Feeds

Give your show animals every nutritional advantage


Purina products made for the show ring

The Purina line of Honor® Show Chows® is simply the best nutrition you can feed a show animal. Specially-formulated versions for cattle, pigs, sheep, goats and poultry, Purina show chows are high-energy feeds with just the right amount of fat, protein, vitamins and minerals to help show stock develop to their full genetic potential.

Critical, highly-available minerals found in Purina show chows also support immune response, which is critical for traveling show animals.

  • For pigs, nine complete feeds, concentrate and supplements, from weaning to finish
  • For cattle, five formulations including textured complete feeds and concentrates
  • For goats, two complete feeds in pelleted and textured formulations
  • For sheep and lambs, six textured and pelleted formulations, both complete feed and concentrate
  • For poultry, three complete feeds in crumble and pelleted form
  • Additional gastric support and top-dress finish formulas for cattle, pigs, sheep and goats

For all your show feed needs, contact Ceara by email or call 641-260-6179

Pet Foods

Your pets are part of the family

Feed them for energy, vitality and longevity

Key Cooperative locations carry PMI brand dog and cat food products, a Land O’ Lake’s company whose products are offered exclusively through professional animal feed dealers. These premier pet foods have been developed and proven through extensive research to exceed the recommended nutritional levels established for your pet.

Available in three formulations for dogs, including real meat (Exclusive), holistic (Infinia) and complete yet economical (Red Flannel).

For all your pet feed needs, contact Ceara by email or call 641-260-6179.


Better nutrition makes for better birds

Feed what your flock needs at Key

Whether it’s ducklings, laying hens, show birds or broilers, Key Cooperative has the feed for your flock. We offer chicken and duck products from the Purina Homegrown® and Flock Raiser® lines. The Purina Flock Block® is a favorite for birds in all settings as it contains solid grains, encourages natural pecking behavior and keeps birds entertained. 

To help our customers be more efficient and stretch their dollars further, we also provide bulk poultry feed options. We can use supplements to Purina poultry feed and can create quality custom rations in our mills. Talk to Ceara, our Lifestyle Feeds Specialist today for nutrition advice or recommendations.

For all your poultry feed needs, contact Ceara by email or call 641-260-6179.

Sheep & Goats

The numbers are smaller, but enthusiasm runs high

Iowa is ranked third for milk goats

While it may seem unlikely to those outside the industry, Iowa is actually third-ranked in total milk goat numbers, behind only dairy powerhouse states California and Wisconsin. Meat goats in the state have also increased since 2013, while total sheep and lamb numbers have declined slightly over that time.

Our sheep and goat customers are enthusiastic supporters of their industries, and our feed specialists stand ready to assist with your flock’s nutritional needs—including custom rations featuring Purina base mixes.

For all your dairy goat needs, call Gary at 641-660-0107.

For all your sheep needs, email Ceara or call 641-260-6179.

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