Our precision team will help you choose the right equipment, and teach you how to use it

It’s easier if you add one thing at a time, rather than go all-in at once.

Centrol Overview

Experts in managing precision technology

Meet the CENTROL Precision Ag Team

Our CENTROL team members spend most of their time in the country, getting to know our clients’ operations and their unique needs. Since we’re “color-blind,” we can help you with a wide range of precision ag technology, no matter what brand of farm equipment you have. We’re ready to help you with installation, training and diagnostics for precision ag products from AgLeader®, Precision Planting®, and Trimble®. There are no dumb questions. We’ll meet you where you’re at, whether we’re stopping by your farm to install equipment or sitting down to discuss the results of your soil sampling, variable-rate application, yield mapping, and more to convert your data into knowledge.