March Hybrid of the Month

Mar 21, 2024

Mike Tufte
Seed Specialist

Brevant B09Z08
March’s “Hybrid of the Month” is brought to you by Agronomist Tucker Tyson, from our Nevada location. Before coming to Key a couple years ago, Tyson worked in the seed industry so he’s got a pretty good eye for hybrids worth paying attention to!

“Brevant B09Z08 all day long!” is the answer Tyson gave me when I asked what his go-to hybrid is.
"It’s the ‘White Cob Wonder.’ I can place it on just about any acre. Even on a year with moderate moisture, we’re out here pushing yield monitors to numbers we’ve never seen before.”
- Tyson Tucker, Nevada Sales Agronomist
Knowing most growers have variable ground, I tend to pay attention to hybrids that agronomists claim can fit a variety of acres. So, let’s dive in and take a little deeper look at Brevant’s “White Cob Wonder” B09Z08.

Brevant B09Z08 is a tried and true 109-day hybrid. It has a semi-flex ear with a pretty darn good agronomic package that requires 2,630 GDU to reach Black Layer. Structurally, you’ll notice that this hybrid leans on the shorter side of the height spectrum, which companies seem to prefer these days. Oh, and did we mention it has a white cob? The days of yesteryear had some of us scared to plant a white cob corn, but today’s genetics have shown improvement and we’re seeing more and more of them enter the commercial pipeline. “This isn’t your dad or grandpa’s white cob hybrid!" said Tyson. "This is a white cob with excellent agronomics that is surprisingly easy shelling.”

When it comes to planting, B09Z08 shines in poorly drained soil. The more clay, the better…or so we thought. It was initially bred for those moderate to higher production acres. However, we have witnessed this hybrid find the lower production sandy soils suitable as well. As far as planting timing goes, feel free to plant early or late. This hybrid’s emergence is strong in early no-till situations and is one to utilize in replant scenarios.

This hybrid’s agronomic package has shown us that its roots and stalks are a key strength. This is important because strong roots and stalks keep this plant upright, limiting the risk of greensnap. B09Z08 also brings us some great test weight from its deep kernel set. It handles those higher pH soils that we see in our northern geography.

If disease tolerance is a concern for you, B09Z08 has an excellent field tolerance to both Tar Spot and Fusarium Ear Rot. It’s a hybrid that responds very well to fungicide, so if you have any other concerns, chances are that you’re already taking measures to minimize them.

Overall, Brevant B09Z08 is a leading hybrid in Central Iowa. It has great stress emergence suitable for early planting and no-till. It’s known for its excellent root strength in heavy wet soils and has a solid agronomic package. You can expect a trademark chunky ear with moderate length and deep kernel set; this hybrid will perform for you on the majority of your acres. “This is a hybrid that I like all my growers to try," said Tyson. "Everyone that tries it becomes a 09Z repeat customer."

If you are near Nevada, give Tyson a call. He (or your local Key Cooperative agronomist) would be glad to help you plan your upcoming crop. Rest assured that working with a Key agronomist is time well spent. We are your Essential Business Partner!

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