April Hybrid of the Month

Apr 01, 2024

Mike Tufte
Seed Specialist

Brevant B13K20Q
 April’s “Hybrid of the Month” is brought to you by Agronomist Matt Hill, who’s been at our Newton location for two years now. Originally from a farming family, Matt knew he wanted to be the trusted advisor growers could depend on. His experience on the farm, education at Iowa State University, and his drive have made him exactly that - a valuable asset to the growers he works with. 
“Oh, I have a hybrid that ALL the growers I work with should be planting,” was the response Matt gave me when I asked him about his pick for Hybrid of the Month. The suspense was killing me…what was he going to say? “13K ALL day,” he said, full of pride. B13K20Q was new to Brevant’s lineup last year. Matt saw something in it and was able to place it on several acres. Harvest was the tell-tale sign, and he was right. B13K20Q was a bell ringer.
Something that Matt really likes about this particular hybrid is its ability to adapt and its excellent agronomic package. “B13 might have one of the best agronomic packages in the entire Brevant lineup,” said Matt. That’s a statement that I’d have to agree with!
“B13K20Q is a robust 113-day hybrid with one of the strongest disease tolerances out there. With its powerful stress emergence, it’s an optimal hybrid for early planting, as well as planting into high residue. I’d recommend 13K all day!”
- Matt Hill, Newton Sales Agronomist
 From early to late planting, you’ll notice that B13K20Q will consistently be one of the first hybrids out of the ground. If you utilize minimal or no-till practices, this is a great option for you! "With its powerful stress emergence, it’s an optimal hybrid for early planting, as well as planting into high residue,” explained Matt. “It will handle your low yield environment but really shines in the moderate to higher yield environments.” B13K20Q will give you corn no matter where you place it, but if you place it on an acre that gives it the ability to shine, you will be rewarded handsomely. It’s a truly variable soil hybrid. We like seeing it on clay type soils, but it checks the boxes on the sandy soil as well.   
As we take a look at later season plant health, we notice 3 characteristics that should be addressed with Brevant B13K20Q: stay-green, green snap, and test weight. This hybrid has excellent stay-green qualities, so it stays healthy. We don’t have to worry about it drying down too quickly, resulting in cob droppage. With this hybrid, you’ll see great plant health because it has strong stalks and roots. This gives it an excellent rating when it comes to green snap - a real concern for growers in the heart of Iowa. Lastly, we see a higher-than-average test weight. As I have stated in prior articles, we are seeing more and more corn hybrids rely on kernel depth, rather than seed count. It just so happens that B13K20Q is one of those hybrids. It will flower on the early side with a slightly longer grain fill timeline. As a result, we can count on some higher test weight.  
Finally, I know Tar Spot has been on a lot of growers’ minds the last few years. We can (and should) utilize fungicide to help prevent any measurable yield loss, but we can also pick a hybrid that has a good field tolerance to it. If you are noticing Tar Spot starting to creep into your acres, you can rest easy knowing that B13K20Q has some of the best Tar Spot field tolerance in the market today.
Overall, B13K20AM/Q is a diverse hybrid that can help you in your pursuit of 300-bushel corn. Whether you are all rotated and need the AM, or grow some corn on corn and require Qrome, this hybrid has you covered. As Matt simply puts it, “B13K20Q is a robust 113-day hybrid with one of the strongest disease tolerances out there. After watching it take off last year, I’m looking forward to another great year!”
If you are near Newton, you can trust that Matt will work with you to help your operation reach its full potential. Give him (or your local Key Cooperative agronomist) a call today and discuss the best option for your acres!


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