Beat the Heat this Show Season

Jul 14, 2023

Ceara Smothers, Lifestyle Feeds Sales Specialist
Brooke Gifford, Lifestyle Feeds Sales Specialist
Carlie Miller, Feed Sales Intern

SUMMER IS OFFICIALLY HERE, which means heat and humidity are upon us! For producers who manage livestock or lifestyle animals, it’s the perfect time to implement changes to mitigate heat stress within your show livestock. During these days of high temperatures, it’s important to recognize the signs and effects of heat stress.

Common signs of heat stress:
  • Panting
  • Increased respiration rate
  • Increased water intake
  • Loss of appetite
  • Lethargy
  • Increased saliva production

The negative effects of heat stress can include decreased feed intake, poor growth performance and loss of freshness—all of which can be devastating when getting your show prospects ready for their big day! To mitigate heat stress, you should ensure your animals have access to shade throughout the day, as well as fresh, clean water, proper air movement and a balanced nutrition program.

The energy animals receive from their diet is allocated toward maintaining basic metabolic needs, then toward growth and performance. The digestion process creates heat to keep the body warm, but the excess heat must be released to keep the animal from overheating. If they cannot dissipate the excess heat, the animal will begin to eat less daily. This decrease in feed intake can negatively impact growth, performance and physical appearance on show day.

To make sure your animals are comfortable, happy and performing at their best, turn to Purina. Key Cooperative carries the full line of Purina® Honor® Show Feed and Purina High Octane® Supplements—for all species! Both the Purina Honor Show Feed and select lines of Purina High Octane contain Tasco®, a specific species of kelp meal that increases the dilation of blood vessels to help lower rectal temperatures in livestock during heat stress. These benefits have been documented through research, making Tasco a great option for your livestock during the hot summer months.
Contact Key Lifestyle Feed Sales Specialist Ceara Smothers at 641-260-6179 or to learn more about the options from Purina. Click graphic to read. 

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