Don't Skip Winter Fuel for Sheep and Goats

Nov 07, 2022

Marissa Eekhoff
Feed Sales Intern

Winter is upon us! That means it's time to start thinking about implementing changes that will ensure our livestock have the proper nutrition to fuel both them and the production of their offspring when the temperature drops. This planning is vital for all livestock species, as many of them go through the late stages of gestation during the winter. However, this step is especially critical for sheep and goats because they begin to lamb and kid in December. 

When feeding gestating animals, the producer must consider the nutritional requirements of both the dam and the offspring. The fetus undergoes the most growth in the late stages of gestation. The ewe or doe's energy and protein needs also increase - an especially important consideration in this case, since these animals typically have twins or triplets. 

Key Cooperative is working with Purina to offer Accuration® Sheep & Goat Hi-Fat Blocks, which will help ensure your livestock are in the best possible condition for parturition. This product is a great source for energy and protein at a free-range availability. Customers can book a specific, locked-in price for a set number of these blocks.

There are three key things to remember when feeding your livestock Accuration Sheep & Goat Hi-Fat Blocks: 
  1. Always provide an adequate amount of forage. If adequate forage is not available, the animals will overconsume the contents of the blocks, causing issues within rumen functionality.
  2. Consumption will change with the quality of the forage. The formulation of the blocks allows them to be more concentrated and for slower consumption with the same great results.
  3. This product is a great tool for ewes and does out in the pasture, but overconsumption can occur if they are in a pen.

Please contact Key Cooperative Lifestyle Feed Sales Specialist Ceara Smothers (641-260-6179) or Purina Sales Specialist Joel Edge (319-331-3667) for more information about Accuration Sheep & Goat Hi-Fat Blocks, including opportunities to test them out in your herd! 



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