Energy Services for the Season

Sep 12, 2023

Scott Richardson
Energy Division Manager

IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR! We’re preparing for harvest—our busiest season, the one that consumes all our daylight hours and stresses our operations to the max. The flow of fuel, propane, oil and diesel exhaust fluid could be called the lifeblood of our operations. Without it, all our equipment is at a standstill. A good preventative maintenance plan can help avert unnecessary breakdowns during harvest.

Key Cooperative offers discounted summer-fill plans to keep inventories of propane and oil topped off. If you haven’t participated in these offerings before, please reach out to the Key Energy team to get your propane and oil filled before you need it most. The summer-fill program can provide significant seasonal savings, making sure you’re filled early versus when propane and oil are at their highest demand.

We understand that the use of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) can vary from operation to operation. Key currently has bulk storage of DEF at our Sully and Roland locations, and we have the ability to deliver bulk DEF gallons from our new DEF delivery trailer system. We also provide several storage options: 55-gallon drums, 140-gallon totes and 330-gallon totes, including pumps, hoses, nozzles and meters. If this is something you currently need or are considering, please reach out to us for solutions. We want to ensure all our DEF users understand how to keep their equipment operating efficiently with the product and reduce their risk of downtime due to improper handling.

Diesel fuel and gasoline are still at the heart of our equipment. Ensuring we have a high-quality product (and plenty of it) is a top priority at harvest. Key Cooperative has a team of 4 fuel delivery trucks and 11 cardtrol locations, all offering Cenex® premium fuels. We’ve transitioned our sites in Roland, Story City, Gilbert, Nevada Bulk, Bondurant, Newton, Sully and New Sharon to offer Cenex® Ruby Fieldmaster® premium diesel, so you can get fuel for your farm equipment on the go. Getting your ag diesel with your fuel trailer, truck tank or tractor when you’re out going field to field—instead of having to return to your home tank—speeds up your operation. You can also contract your diesel fuel needs at the cardtrol locations. Contact the Key Energy team to discuss contracting options at both the cardtrols and your farm-delivered storage.

Maintaining the equipment that handles these products is also very important. Our pumps, hoses, filters, nozzles and storage containers can all get neglected. It’s important to change the filters on your storage tank pumps, check hoses for weather cracking and leakage and make sure your pump hasn’t seized up and is still flowing at acceptable speeds. Check your fuel tanks for water condensation, which may have settled at the bottom. Key Cooperative has several trained and qualified service technicians who can work on pumps and storage tanks and replace hoses, filters and nozzles. We also keep a stock of these items in inventory at our locations, so they are readily available when needed.

Additionally, we recommend having someone look at your grain dryer installation if you intend to use it during the season. Checking for leaks and making sure the right amount of propane is running your dryer efficiently can help ease downtime when you start up these systems. Grain dryer systems don’t get used every year, and they can start to break down or leak over time when they’re not regularly inspected and maintained. Let our technicians help you get ready for the coming season safely and efficiently so you can maximize your time bringing in the crops! 
Your Certified Energy Specialists are just a call away: 
Rick Kucera | 641-780-1624
Chad Larson | 515-290-0009
 Bob Rabey | 641-521-6318

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