Breaking Down the EquiTub: Benefits for Your Horse

Jun 01, 2023

Marissa Eekhoff 
Feed Sales Intern

EquiTubs: What makes them so great?
The Purina EquiTub is a product that we absolutely love and think you should too! If you are looking to keep just one product around to help your horses stay happy and healthy, the EquiTub is just that. It combines three effective products into one! Tubs come in 55-pound or 125-pound options, catering to how quickly your horses go through them and how many horses you have in the pen.

The EquiTub is an economical way to get the benefits of three great products - Outlast, Amplify and ClariFly – to give your horses the best of everything.
Purina EquiTubs include:
This product is targeted to support your horse’s gut health. It’s great for when your horse is going through a stressful period or performing at a high level.
This product works towards ensuring horses have their energy requirements met. It is a high-fat supplement that works to help horses maintain their body condition. Amplify works great to ensure that horses have their additional needs met when out on pasture.
This is a great additive to help ensure that flies are handled. Clarifly works as a feed-through fly control method by killing larvae left in the manure before they can become adults.
And much more!
The Purina EquiTub has several other great benefits. Not only do they contain the three supplements above, EquiTubs are a great source of protein, vitamins and minerals that your horses may be lacking. If you are looking for an amazing all-around product to help keep your horses in tip-top shape this summer, look no further. The Purina EquiTub has you covered!
If you are interested in participating in a feeding trial, please contact Ceara Smothers (641-260-6179), Kelcie Bohning (515-232-6515), or Joel Edge (319-331-3667) to learn more.



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