February Hybrid of the Month

Feb 01, 2024

Mike Tufte
Seed Specialist

February’s “Hybrid of the Month” is brought to you by Agronomist Peyton Larsen, from our Zearing location. Peyton has been with Key for over two years now and brings a wealth of knowledge to the area from his prior experience as an agronomist in NE Iowa.

When I asked Peyton what his pick for Hybrid of the Month was, he did not hesitate to answer. He is a firm believer in Dekalb’s DKC110-10 (SSRIB).
“Dekalb really hit a homerun with this 110-day product. It offers best-in-class traits for above and below ground protection. It suits our area, due to our soil type, yield environment and the practices we employ in our operations." 
- Peyton Larsen, Zearing Sales Agronomist
If that isn’t enough information to make you start to think about trying some DKC110-10 (SSRIB) on your own acres, let’s take a closer look at some of the finer points that Peyton really likes about this hybrid. One of the key advantages of Dekalb’s 110-10 (SSRIB) is its broad adaptability and excellent agronomics. This hybrid has proven its ability to thrive in various growing conditions, ensuring that you can rely on it to perform consistently across different environments. Consistency is key!

From the ground up, you will notice that this hybrid boasts very good roots and stalks. The strength and durability of its root system, combined with sturdy stalks, contributes to the overall stability of the plant which reduces the risk of lodging. This also helps us with our stress tolerance. Because of the root mass, and its ability to dig deep for nutrients and moisture, we find that this hybrid brings us some of the best stress tolerance in the marketplace today. This ensures optimal performance even under challenging conditions.

As we move into late season, you’ll find that DKC110-10 (SSRIB) showcases exceptional late-season health and staygreen traits. This allows for flexibility to extend your harvesting period and potentially maximize your yield even more. Alongside your yield, you can count on desirable test weight. It has a robust flex ear that enables you to adjust populations for your different acres. We want to aim for efficient land utilization while also maintaining our yield potential.

Overall, DKC110-10 (SSRIB) is a well-rounded hybrid that offers a range of benefits that make it a top choice. It has consistently delivered impressive results, making it a reliable option for you, our growers. We believe this would be an excellent addition to your portfolio! “If you are looking for that edge, the high yields to take you to the next level, this is one of the products I recommend you add to your package," said Peyton. 

If you are near Zearing, you can trust that Peyton will work with you to maximize your yield potential and help improve your ROI. Give him (or your local Key Cooperative agronomist) a call to discuss the best options for your acres today!

Click Here to View Dekalb Hybrid Sheet 

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