Flushing Ewes for Breeding Success

Aug 01, 2022

Marissa Eekhoff & Ellie Moser
2022 Feed Interns 

The practice of “flushing” is a key component to sheep breeding season success. Flushing is the process of a producer increasing their ewes’ nutrient and energy intake prior to breeding season. This important nutritional process helps promote strong reproductive health and improve overall lambing percentage.
When you have the right resources to maximize your lambing percentage, you’re able to add more money to your pocket in the end. That’s where flushing comes in. Selling weaned lambs can be a profitable business if you catch your breeding ewes in their first estrus or heat cycle. If you have lambs on the ground sooner, you provide them with extra days to gain weight and condition, adding to your profitability. Flushing is also important for ewes' reproductive health as it improves ovulation. It improves embryo implantation rates, especially in the more terminal breeds that are known for lower reproduction rates. 
The flushing process should begin 40-60 days before breeding, and continue into the first stages of gestation. Try flushing your flock this season with Purina’s Accuration Sheep & Goat Hi-Fat Block. This product is great for adding several key nutrients that are needed for both ewe and lamb health. It provides essential vitamins and minerals in a free choice setting. The Accuration Sheep & Goat Hi-Fat Block is known for what’s in its name - a high fat content. This is an important trait in the blocks because it increases the energy intake, and influences the ewe’s reproductive hormones, leading to successful conception. The blocks also contain the proper amount of one very important nutrient: protein. They have the optimal level for reproductive health and maximizing herd potential. 

Purina offers a Proof Pays Program because they’re confident in this product. The program allows producers to do a “test run” and see a real difference within their herd. Please direct questions about the Proof Pays Program, Purina Accuration Sheep & Goat Hi-Fat Block, or other Purina products to the Key Cooperative Feed team.


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