Give Your Sprayer New Life

May 01, 2024

Jared Tokle
CENTROL Precision Ag Manager

Control Your Rate, Pressure and More with Precision Planting Products

WITH THE FOCUS on getting the most out of your chemical dollars—while maintaining performance on tough-to control weeds—it’s becoming ever more important to hit your target rate and droplet size. But independent control of the rate and pressure on your sprayer can be tedious, and it’s difficult to get the application just right.

Precision Planting’s SymphonyNozzle™ can help you gain independent control of your rate and pressure and achieve consistent droplet size on your sprayer. SymphonyNozzle is a pulse width modulation system (PWM) that hits your programmed target rate and pressure while reducing overlap, no matter the operating conditions. The custom-designed nozzle assembly does not require special tools for diagnostics or service. In conjunction with the point-to-point harnessing architecture, it’s easy to install and simple to service on your existing self-propelled or pull-type sprayer.

In partnership with SymphonyNozzle, you can also take charge of spraying accuracy with independent rate and pressure control with Precsion Planting’s Gen 3 20|20® in-cab monitor. You’ll reduce over-application with swath control and over- or under-application on turns. The Gen 3 20|20 monitor shows clear feedback from the SymphonyNozzle—with metrics like individual nozzle duty cycle—so you can see the performance of your sprayer front and center with every pass. Set your rate and pressure on the home screen and quickly adjust as needed in the field.

We’re excited about these Precision Planting products because they give you the ability to retrofit your existing sprayer with the technologies of today while also providing a foundation for future expansion. Much like we’ve done with our planter platform, we can now take your current self-propelled and pull-type sprayers and give them new life. You’ll be saving valuable dollars to be used elsewhere in your operation, while gaining high-performance technology on equipment you already own and use. The beauty of this system—much like our planting architect—is that it allows you to have an expandable system that will integrate into future offerings like crop scouting, spot spraying and steering with camera technology.

The goal of these products? Saving time and input costs, all while using your current equipment. Contact CENTROL Precision Ag to get started! 

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