A Round of Applause for our Propane Delivery Drivers!

Jan 11, 2024

Plus tips to help keep them safe and make propane deliveries smooth this winter

Scott Richardson
Energy Division Manager

AS THE WEATHER FINALLY TURNS COLD, we want to recognize the hard workers of Key Cooperative who bring warmth and comfort to so many during the winter. Our propane delivery drivers will work up to six or seven days a week during the coldest days to make sure everyone on their route is getting the propane they need to heat their homes, run their businesses or keep their livestock warm. During the holidays, families will have days off to spend time together. But our propane drivers will be out on the roads keeping everyone’s fireplaces lit. When the snow falls, our drivers drag their delivery hoses to ensure tanks are full for hot showers, warm meals and dry clothes.

Our delivery drivers make our lives and homes a little more comfortable. We’d like to say thank you, and we ask that you help keep them safe and make deliveries as smooth as possible this winter by reviewing these tips!

Keep Your Driveway Clear of Snow and Ice

  • To ensure safe access to your propane tank, please keep snow and ice cleared from your driveway and sand all inclines. A propane delivery truck is approximately two feet wider than a passenger car and much taller, so please keep any trees or bushes that line your driveway trimmed, including low-hanging branches. If our delivery person is unable to navigate your driveway without obstruction, we will not be able to fill your tank, which could result in you running out of gas.

Clear a Path to Your Tank

  • Tramp down the snow as you clear a safe walking path to your tank. We can’t see what is under the snow. In the past, we have discovered sharp objects, slippery pieces of metal and tripping hazards. These and other obstructions could cause our driver to be injured and interrupt your important delivery.

Keep Equipment Clear of Snow and Ice

  • To prevent a gas leak, please keep your propane tank, equipment and piping clear of snow and ice accumulation. The weight of these elements could break gas connections.

Keep Gas Appliances Clear of Snow and Ice

  • To keep gas fumes from becoming trapped in your home, please make sure your chimney and rooftop—as well as all gas appliances vented through the roof or walls—remain clear of snow and ice. If snow or ice covers a vent, the appliance may stop operating.

Mark the Location of Underground Tanks

  • Please mark the location of your underground tank and provide a clear pathway. This will help us keep you supplied with gas all winter.

Do Not Disconnect Your Tank

  • Never disconnect your tank and hook up a spare or small tank to get by. When a propane tank runs out of gas or is disconnected, the piping system must be checked to make sure there are no leaks caused by the interruption.

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