It May Be Summer, But We're Thinking About Winter!

Jul 18, 2023

Scott Richardson
Energy Division Manager

PROPANE IS AN ESSENTIAL part of the Energy Division at Key Cooperative. In fact, we’ve been delivering propane to customers for over 50 years! Propane is also essential to our customers’ homes and businesses. We know our customers must have access to propane to get hot water, cook, heat their homes and dry grain. We couldn’t serve our customers without the tireless work of our propane drivers.

Key Cooperative currently employes eight full-time propane drivers who deliver to over 5,000 customer tanks. These drivers work all summer long, filling and inspecting gas systems to ensure our customers are safe and ready for the coming grain harvest. They also make sure our customers are going into winter with full propane tanks to heat their homes. Our drivers run all hours of the day, as well as nights and weekends—anything harvest demands. Then they continue on through the long, cold days of winter.

On average, our drivers will work over 6,000 hours next winter, make over 12,000 stops and drive over 86,000 miles. Some days, they will face sub-zero temperatures and challenging road conditions, testing the limits of their equipment to make sure everyone has the propane they need. To say our drivers are committed to being your essential business partner is an understatement. They have over 100 years of combined experience in delivery, training, certification and industry knowledge. We couldn’t do it without them!

Key Cooperative prides itself on its ability to provide quality propane service to customers. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to highlight our drivers’ efforts in this month’s newsletter, especially since we’re officially beginning to provide contracting options for winter. As I mentioned, our drivers have already started summer-filling propane tanks and will continue to do so through August. Contract offers will begin this month, which will help us plan and prepare for the heating needs coming this winter.

Key Cooperative offers fixed-price contracts with no deposit required, full prepay contracts and a budget billing program with level monthly payments. If you’re a current propane customer, look for these offers in the mail in July and August.

If you’re not currently a Key propane customer, please reach out to one of our Energy Customer Service Representatives at 800-469-1040 to find out which services best align with your needs.
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