July Hybrid of the Month

Jun 03, 2024

Mike Tufte
Seed Specialist

When it comes to 111-day corn, nobody does it better than Dekalb. Whether you are looking for a hybrid that will give you some serious top-end potential, or you’re looking for one that can withstand the stresses Mother Nature throws at you, Dekalb has you covered.
July's "Hybrid of the Month" is DKC111-35. When Dekalb first introduced this hybrid, we wanted to see it in the field before making any judgement calls. Could it be that this was the corn of the future? Well, we let our growers decide and quickly found out that growers who planted DKC111-35 became repeat customers of the hybrid. Let’s dive a little deeper to see why that is!
Dekalb’s new 111-day hybrid comes in two trait packages. You can get the VT2PRO version, which we call the DKC111-35, or you can get the SSPRO (SmartStax PRO) version, which we refer to as the DKC111-33. They come from the same genetics, and both pack a punch. It’s no secret that we often witness a little bit of yield drag converting a VT2PRO into a SmartStax, but that seems to be the talk of yesterday, and DKC111-33 is living proof. The new SSPRO line has a great conversion factor and we are witnessing it over and over again.
DKC111-33/35 is what you would call a "workhorse" product with yield. Typically, when we think of “workhorse” products, we think of corn that we place on tougher ground. They’re consistent and we can place them pretty much anywhere. We tend to keep them off of our better ground that has a higher CSR. We know they will give us corn, but maybe we don’t have the highest expectations when it comes to the yield on those fields. However, with DKC111-33/35, it’s time to raise those expectations because we’ve seen firsthand that we can have both!
As far as emergence goes, DKC111-33/35 scores a three in the Dekalb numbering system. That’s pretty average and tells us that this hybrid is a great mid-planting season corn. We don’t want to use it as the first hybrid we plant in cold soils, but rather keep it somewhat middle of the pack. DKC111-33/35 likes to be planted in that 33-35K population range. We have found this to be the optimal population for the best ROI.

“DKC111-33/35 is what you would call a ‘workhorse’ product with yield. The large root mass feeds this plant all season long, leaving us with some of the best standability and late season intactness I’ve ever seen.”
After emergence, you’ll notice that the plant puts a lot of energy into the stalks and roots. DKC111-35 has a huge root system that almost appears to be fibrous. We would call it more of a modified root. This is beneficial because it anchors the plant very well and there’s plenty of root mass to take up nutrients. That nutrient uptake is apparent late in the season as well. One thing that caught my eye was the late season plant health. The large root mass feeds this plant all season long, leaving us with some of the best standability and late season intactness I’ve ever seen!
Come harvest time, DKC111-33/35 stands tall and proud, and chews relatively nicely. The hopper fills up quickly with some deep kernels. Deep kernels also mean phenomenal test weight. It looks like DKC111-33/35 is, in fact, the 111-day corn of the future!
Are you looking for 111-day corn that will stand healthy all season long? Does late season intactness, phenomenal test weight, and high yield excite you? Look no further than DKC111-33/35. Contact your local Key Cooperative agronomist to add it to your line-up for 2025!

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