Key Cooperative Receives Retailer of the Year Award

Feb 24, 2023

Earlier this month, Key was presented with one of the industry’s most prestigious awards, the Truterra Retailer of the Year from Land O’ Lakes. We would like to celebrate the two individuals on the Key team that not only live and promote the sustainability model to farmers but also nominated your cooperative for this honor. Congratulations Landon Van Dyke, agronomist at Grinnell and Jim Bob Suiter, operations manager at Newton!

The following recognition was shared with all the attendees at the Partners in Excellence 2023 award’s conference in Palm Springs, California on February 6. It's courtesy of the Truterra team:

This retailer embodies what Truterra sustainability is all about.

Key Cooperative is committed to grower outreach and education. Their team of agronomists partners with farmers at every step of the sustainability journey – from soil sampling, to measurement and goal setting, education and implementation.

They have deepened their commitment to conservation practices by participating in the NRCS Conservation Innovation Grant trials. These trials play a critical role in getting agronomists and growers comfortable with and equipped to introduce new practices, and provide the funding to offset the risks often associated with management changes.

This retailer is also a huge supporter and advocate of the Truterra sustainability tool. They understand how important data is to implementing and validating conservation practices on the farm. Specifically, they used information gained from Conservation Innovation Grant trials and the sustainability tool to support the purchase of a no-till drill for custom cover crop seeding – adding another level of service for and commitment to its customers. They’ve added scale system technology as well, which enables farmers to precisely measure seed used on each field while maintaining high operational efficiency. With that, the drill also has individual row flow sensors to reduce applications and to ensure adequate coverage for weed suppression.
Through education, technology and partnership, this retailer is helping farmers not only understand the benefits of regenerative Ag, but making sure farmers find success with it too.


Thank you Landon and Jim Bob for your initiative and sustainability efforts! 

Pictured: Tom Ryan (President at Truterra), Landon Van Dyke (Key Cooperative Agronomist in Grinnell), Jim Bob Suiter (Key Cooperative operations manager in Newton), and Brett Bruggeman (President at WinField United). 

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