Key Supports Local Renewable Fuels at the Pump

Mar 16, 2023

Scott Richardson
Energy Division Manager

OVER THE PAST few years, you may have noticed that the branding has changed at some of our 24-hour fuel stations (and there are more changes on the way). Key Cooperative supports renewable fuels in Iowa because those fuels have a strong tie back to our local farmers. (Ethanol for gasoline is produced from corn and soy biodiesel from soybeans.) As a result, we're shifting the focus a bit from our regional cooperative (Cenex®) and directing it back at ourselves, bridging the connection our 24-hour fuel stations have with our member-owners and local customers. We want customers to know that when they buy fuel from Key Cooperative, they are directly supporting the local farmers who do business with us.

Rebranding is already complete at our Nevada Bulk Plant, Sully, Story City and Roland locations. Similar changes are planned in Newton and New Sharon later this year. Our fuel stations will continue to offer top-tier-rated gasoline products and premium diesel blends, as we always have with our Cenex partners. But we will now expand to offering additional renewable fuel options like E15 (15 percent ethanol), also known as Unleaded 88 (88-octane rating). We will also offer various blends of biodiesel from 5 percent to 20 percent. These renewable fuel options provide a cleaner-burning alternative to regular petroleum-based products, and they are approved and recommended in most modern vehicles built after 2001.

We're pleased to say that we were ahead of the curve in 2019 when we installed new equipment in Sully and Story City. In 2022, the Iowa Legislature passed an E15 access standard law, forcing all new gas stations built after January 1, 2023, to offer E15 at 50 percent of their fueling hoses. The law also requires any existing site to offer E15 at a minimum of one fuel hose per site by January 1, 2026. Key Cooperative now offers E15 at our Sully, Newton, Roland, Nevada and Story City locations. We currently offer biodiesel options of B5-B11 in the summer months, with the possibility of B20 coming later this year. 

To assist in our efforts, we have received over $300,000 in grant money from the Iowa Department of Ag and Land Stewardship. The grants came from the department’s Renewable Fuels Infrastructure Program, which helps support local fuel stations as they put in updated equipment.

It’s the cooperative spirit that drives Key toward such innovative changes. We’re proud to support our growing communities by bringing in modern, clean-burning renewable fuels that directly support our local farmers. Thank you for supporting your Key Cooperative 24-hour fuel stations! 

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