Key Welcomes 2023 Interns

May 24, 2023

Meet this year's Key Cooperative interns! If you see them at your location this spring or summer, please say hello! 
  • Jacob Aldrich, Sully, Sales Agronomy
  • Ben Boender, Grinnell, Precision Ag
  • Nick Brennecke, Grinnell Agronomy Center, Sales Agronomy
  • Brendan Davidson, Grinnell Agronomy Center, Sales Agronomy
  • Ethan Davis, New Sharon, Sales Agronomy
  • Tyler Ekstrom, Zearing, Sales Agronomy
  • Peyton Elliot, Kelley, Sales Agronomy
  • Caleb Freeburg, Grinnell Agronomy Center, Operations
  • Carli Henderson, Gilbert, Feed Sales
  • Joey Jacobs, Nevada, Sales Agronomy
  • Kobe Julius, Nevada, Operations
  • Noah Kallem, Story City, Sales Agronomy
  • Dylan Klinker, Newton, Sales Agronomy
  • Megan Mauss, Grinnell, Feed Sales
  • Carlie Miller, Grinnell, Feed Sales
  • Jake Nichols, Sully, Sales Agronomy
  • Todd Sheeder, Nevada, Operations
  • Wyatt Siefken, Grinnell, Precision Ag
  • Emily Wical, LeGrand, Sales Agronomy
  • Kolby Winter, Nevada, Grain

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