Maintaining a Balanced Nutrition Program for Sheep & Goats During Breeding Season

Sep 01, 2023

Ceara Smothers, Lifestyle Feeds Sales Specialist
Carlie Miller, Feed Sales Intern

BREEDING SEASON is in full swing! Maintaining a balanced nutrition program through breeding and pregnancy is vital for the health, performance and reproductive efficiency of your sheep and goats. You need to ensure you’re feeding the proper amounts of fat, protein, vitamins and minerals during flushing and through confirmed pregnancy. It is also important to ensure you’re feeding quality ingredients to get maximum nutrient absorption.

Key Cooperative is here to provide your sheep and goats with the best tubs! There are now TWO Purina® sheep and goat tubs to choose from. Which one is best for your animals depends on your goals, target and operation.

The Purina® Accuration® Sheep & Goat R+R Block has advanced nutrition technology to help your sheep and goats during the specific high-stress transition of reproduction and receiving. This tub has all the “buttons” that help with everything from heat stress to intake-modifying technology, gut health, urinary calculi and fertility health. If you’re wanting to take your breeding season to the next level, this is the tub for you.

The Purina® Accuration® Hi-Fat Block is designed to balance nutrient deficiencies when forage quality is low. It’s for sustained nutrition yearround to support body condition and reproductive success. If you need something for your entire herd, this weatherized protein block with fat, vitamins and minerals could be the best choice for you.

Purina offers feeding trials and a Proof Pays program for virtually every species. You guessed it—those are either 60- or 90-day programs! Contact Key Lifestyle Feed Sales Specialist Ceara Smothers at 641-260-6179 or to learn more about these programs and feeding options from Purina.

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