It’s Showtime!

Mar 15, 2024

Joel Edge
Purina Sales Specialist

FAIR SEASON IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER, which means it’s time to get your animals on the right show feed to ensure successful projects. Turn to our thorough line of Purina Honor® Show products, which contain the necessary ingredients to maximize daily gain and added benefits to cure many “evils.”

ALLEVIATE® is a supplement we recommend for all species. It is a unique product that helps regulate the pH in your animal’s digestive tract and helps keep animals on feed and avid roller coaster intakes. Supporting feed intakes is crucial with show animals, and every day is important!

We recommend using Honor Show 519 for starting your show pigs. 519 is a pelleted feed that is 20 percent protein to accentuate growth and 6.5 percent fat to get pigs going. 519 includes Denagard to reduce scours and is recommended to be used on new pigs until 25 pounds, when they can advance to Honor Show 719.

We have some unique ingredients in our show lamb starters, including PuriFerm™ to help with fiber digestibility and Lambitine™ to help with the digestive tract. All our show lamb products contain ammonium chloride, Zinpro®, Diamond V yeast and PuriFerm. These ingredients are unique to ensure gut health, intakes and overall performance.

Honor Show Lamb Creep Pellet is a great option to ensure proper growth level, with 20 percent protein and 5 percent fat. Young show lambs and goats love this creep feed! If you prefer a texturized creep/starter feed, Honor Show Flex Lamb is slightly lower in protein and fat. Flex Lamb is another proven creep feed with Deccox®, which helps keep lambs fuller and reduce scours. 

Feeding consistency is crucial with show calves. Other key management tips include providing clean and fresh water, grass hay and Stress Care Tubs. Many customers utilize Precon® Complete for the first one to two weeks when starting new calves (at least part of the ration).  

All Purina Honor Show cattle products contain Amaferm®, Tasco®, Availa® 4 mineral packages and Diamond V to ensure consistent intakes and performance development. Purina  offers two main complete feeds for young cattle: Full Range™ and Fitter’s Edge®. Full Range is a “do-it-all” feed that promotes bloom and fill. It works great on market steers and heifers, including breeding heifers that need more energy. Fitter’s Edge is a higher-protein, high-fiber product with moderate energy. It works great for breeding heifers, especially those that are moderately framed.

  • PIGS: Feeding 8-10 oz./day for 7-10 days
  • SHEEP & GOATS: Feeding 6-8 oz./day for 7-10 days
  • CALVES: Feeding 24 oz./day for 7-10 days
Contact any member of the Key Lifestyle Feeds Sales team to get your animals ready for show!
Ceara Smothers | Lifestyle Feeds Sales Specialist | 641-260-6179
Kelcie Carpenter | Key Cooperative, Gilbert Feed Sales | 515-232-6515
Brooke Gifford | Lifestyle Feeds Sales Specialist | 641-888-0818
Joel Edge | Purina Sales Specialist | 319-331-3667

Good luck with your projects! 

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