May is Beef Month

May 03, 2021

The Iowa State Beef Checkoff is pleased to announce that May is Beef Month in Iowa. Governor Kim Reynolds has signed the May Beef Month proclamation in recognition of the importance of Iowa’s beef industry to the state’s economy. The Iowa Cattle Industry Headquarters presents the following proclamation:

WHEREAS, Iowa is a major beef producing state with more than 3.6 million head of cattle as of January 1, 2021; and

WHEREAS, the beef cattle industry generates approximately $6 billion of economic activity in the state; and

WHEREAS, today’s beef is a naturally nutrient-rich food providing protein, iron, zinc, and B-vitamins with more than 30 beef cuts that meet the government’s definition for “lean”; and

WHEREAS, cattle producers are the original stewards of the land, working to improve productivity by conserving and making optimum use of natural resources; and

WHEREAS, Iowa is a leader in the export of value-added agriculture products, shipping high-quality Iowa beef to other countries around the world; and

WHEREAS, there is an ever-increasing need for better understanding of the benefits that the beef cattle industry provides to all Iowans:

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Kim Reynolds, Governor of the State of Iowa, do hereby proclaim the month of May 2021 as

BEEF MONTH in Iowa, and urge all citizens to appreciate the contributions the beef cattle industry continues to provide to our state.



County cattlemen have a bird's eye view of the interests and needs of their local communities. For that reason, the Iowa Beef Industry Council sets aside $1,500 in county grant funds each year to power consumer beef promotions driven by local beef producers. The relationships cattlemen have developed over time by being raised, working and growing businesses within their communities creates a dynamic the state or national checkoff would be hard-pressed to replicate. It's important we put these dollars in the hands of local leaders and encourage beef producers to take ownership of their checkoff investment. Learn more about the program guidelines and application process here.

May Beef Month promotions are a highly effective way to put county grant funds to use through a variety of creative outlets. Each year IBIC assembles a May Beef Month toolkit consisting of assets to assist local beef producers with promotional efforts. Access the digital May Beef Month toolkit here. 


About the Iowa Beef Industry Council: The Iowa Beef Industry Council is funded the $1-per-head National Beef Checkoff Program and the $0.50-per-head Iowa State Beef Checkoff.  Checkoff dollars are invested in beef promotion, consumer information, research, industry information and foreign market development, all with the purpose of strengthening beef demand.  For more information, visit

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