Nevada’s New Fire Engine

Nov 16, 2023

Sara Clausen
Director of Communications

Agribusiness Partnerships Grow Our Communities

HENRY FORD VERY FAMOUSLY SAID, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” This quote is often used when referring to entrepreneurship (which in Ford’s case has left quite a legacy). But the phrase is also quite fitting when describing a recent partnership between agribusinesses in Nevada.

This fall, Key Cooperative, Lincolnway Energy, Mid-States Companies and VERBIO have teamed up to support the Nevada Fire Department, pledging to contribute the remaining $50,000 needed to order a new rural fire engine. “The Nevada Fire Department depends on community support,” said Ray Reynolds, Director of Fire and Emergency Medical Services. “When that support comes from partners critical to our community, it is even more special.”

In March, the Nevada Fire Department began fundraising efforts to replace their 26-year-old rural fire engine. The City of Nevada committed to the purchase of a new engine; however, fire apparatuses significantly increase in cost every six months. With the commitment from the four agribusinesses, the new engine is now locked in at $668,000. It will take two years to build. The new apparatus will hold 1,500 gallons of water, which is a necessary supply for a city or rural fire attack.  

“These businesses contribute to the economic success of Nevada. In an era where every charitable cause is in need of champions, we are thrilled our community’s new fire engine is made 100 percent whole with this donation,” said Ray. Three of the four agribusinesses are geographically located next to each other in a more rural setting, while Mid-States Companies is a major partner for agricultural businesses in Nevada and Central Iowa. The new engine’s water capacity is critical to service rural and ag calls, which often result in aggressive fires. “In times of fire calls for our businesses, but also for local farmers, Nevada must have high-capacity equipment,” said Key Cooperative Nevada Location Manager Brent Metzger. “We must reduce as much risk as possible, and that means setting our department up for success.”

The support doesn’t stop with financial assistance. All four businesses also recognize the time and energy that is necessary to staff volunteer fire departments and allow their employees to leave work to respond to fire calls. “We know having volunteer firefighters on our team is a great benefit to both the Nevada community and to our employees, who are able to use their talents and gifts to give back,” said Brent. “Key has supported this service for decades.”
Pictured left to right: Chris Cleveland (Lincolnway Energy), Brent Metzger (Key Cooperative), Ray Reynolds (Director of Fire and EMS, City of Nevada), Greg Faith (VERBIO) and Randy Vier (Mid-States Companies). The four represented agribusinesses have pledged to contribute the remaining $50,000 needed to order a new rural fire engine for the Nevada Fire Department.

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