Seasonal Fuel is Just Around the Corner

Nov 09, 2023

Scott Richardson
Energy Division Manager

THIS IS THE TIME of year when all our attention is wrapped up in the hustle of fall harvest. But the need for winterized diesel fuel will be here before we know it, and planning ahead will greatly reduce your chances of having a fuel-related issue due to weather. 

Your standard #2 diesel fuel has an average cloud point of 14 degrees. That’s when your fuel starts to look cloudy and thick. Not far below that temperature, it will start to plug your fuel filters. Chemical fuel additives that reduce the formation of wax crystals need to be added before those crystals begin to form, which is typically 10 degrees above that cloud point. That means we need to start thinking about treating your fuel when it gets to 24 degrees outside.
In November, Key Cooperative will begin blending a cold-flow additive into our Cenex® premium diesel fuels at all our cardtrol locations. This should lower the operability of the fuel from 14 degrees to 0 degrees. In December, we will add 30 percent #1 diesel fuel to our cold-flow additive and bring our fuel down to -10 degrees for weatherability. This blending occurs at the terminal where we pick up our fuel, which is precisely measured and blended with Cenex’s premium additive package. Key Cooperative stops blending soy-based biodiesel at the beginning of October, and we do not blend any biodiesel content into our winter blends of fuel. We will continue to offer these blended winter diesel products until spring when we start to see temperatures consistently above freezing. 

Key offers these pre-blended winter diesel products at all our cardtrol locations in both clear and dyed diesel options. We also offer winter diesel for delivery as requested when orders are placed. 
If you’d like to know more about our blended winter diesel products or make sure these products are delivered to you this winter, please call a member of the Key Energy team at 800-469-1040. 

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