Purina Unveils New Equine Probiotic!

Jun 03, 2024

Joel Edge
Purina Sales Specialist


Purina® Systemiq™ Probiotic Supplement

Purina® Animal Nutrition has released details on their new probiotic supplement, Systemiq™, which could serve as a revolutionary new product in the horse industry. This supplement has a systemic effect on your horse, helping him overcome challenges such as exercise and training or occasional gastrointestinal stress. 

For over a decade Purina has been studying the equine microbiome to help horse owners unlock new insights into their horse’s health. They have looked beyond the usual expectations of what a probiotic can do.  It’s challenging for a probiotic to make it through the manufacturing process and remain active in the horse’s digestive tract. The unique and patented probiotic technology in Systemiq™ supplement survives when many other probiotics do not.

Systemiq™ feeding rates are simple: 1 scoop (30 grams) per day, per horse. Results should be seen within 14 days (about 2 weeks). This product can be used on all ages of horses including pregnant and lactating mares. 

Key Cooperative has acquired a good supply of Systemiq™ and it will be available after the first week in June. Feeding trials will also be offered by Purina Sales Specialist, Joel Edge. Contact your Key Cooperative Lifestyle Feeds Sales Specialist to place your order!

Kelcie Carpenter | Key Cooperative, Gilbert Feed Sales | 515-232-6515
Brooke Gifford | Lifestyle Feeds Sales Specialist | 641-888-0818
Joel Edge | Purina Sales Specialist | 319-331-3667

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