Special Pricing for Sheep & Goat Tubs

Dec 10, 2021


Special pricing now available until Dec. 31!
Stop by your nearest Key Cooperative location or call:
Justin Crocheck (515) 291-0763 or Joel Edge (319) 331-3667

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Sep 01,2022
You've heard the expression “busy as a bee,” but you probably didn’t know beekeepers are just as busy! Ron and Judie Clayton of Grinnell can attest to that wisdom. While their operation, Clayton Farms, has traditional row crops, it is also home to their grandson’s FFA Boer goat herd … and a haven for honeybees
Sep 01,2022
The chicks you bought this spring are now hens, and it’s time for them to start laying eggs! As your chickens reach 18 weeks of age and start slowly laying, it’s important to remember that their nutritional needs have changed. To produce quality eggs, your hens need more calcium in their diets.
Sep 01,2022
Our crop, especially south of I-80, is starting to struggle with the lack of rain. Yet as we inch closer to harvest, we have to keep in mind our grain markets revolve around global trade. We can’t base our marketing plans on what we see outside our kitchen windows. Our crop is definitely going to struggle locally.