Take Your Planting Setup to the Next Level

Jul 10, 2024

Jared Tokle
CENTROL Precision Ag Manager

CENTROL PRECISION AG and Precision Planting have announced an enticing summer promotion that’s designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your planting setup. This planter upgrade program offers significant savings and benefits for anyone looking to outfit their planting system with the latest technology!

This promotion offers a generous discount of $50 per row on several qualifying products:
  • DeltaForce®: Ensures optimal downforce for each row
  • vDrive®: Provides precise seed placement
  • SpeedTube®: Allows for faster planting without compromising accuracy
  • vApplyHD®: Enhances liquid application accuracy
  • EMHD®: A heavy-duty system for robust field performance
  • FurrowForce®: Optimizes seed-to-soil contact
  • Reveal™: Delivers consistent emergence.
This promotion doesn’t limit you to just one product. In fact, you can purchase multiple products to maximize your rebate and get further discounts.

For more details and to take advantage of this promotion, contact a member of the Key Cooperative CENTROL team:
  • Jared Tokle: 641-990-4554
  • Connor Hardison: 515-320-6822

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