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Two University Studies Show Crop Benefits When Using Instinct® with Liquid Swine Manure

New research from Iowa State University and the University of Minnesota supports previous research documenting improved crop health, environmental

Late-season fungicide and nitrogen applications

Not all hybrids respond the same

Summer Grain Update

According to the heat units, it looks as if we’ll have an early harvest. So what does that mean

Farming by the Foot

Precision Ag technology delivers for early adopters

Farming by the foot

Precision Ag technology delivers for early adopters

Summer Oil Discount June 25 - June 29

Don’t miss out on our summer oil discount, going on June 25 – June 29. Let

Oil Drums Return

The Dance May Be Over

Trade tensions between the U.S. & China have been on again, off again. Tensions appeared to have eased in recent weeks as both sides tried to make progress in negotiations but discussions are sure to continue.

How Does Nitrogen Work?

You’ve selected your hybrid and now have it in the ground but we’re challenging you to think about the next step. Do you know how nitrogen is working in your soil? Let us help you with this step and watch “The Nitrogen Story.”

May was Beef Month!

Iowa partners celebrate with Key Cooperative

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