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Agriculture Retail Group Supports Clean Water for Iowa

Agriculture’s Clean Water Alliance (ACWA) reaffirmed its commitment to improving water quality with the approval of the organization’s 2018 work plan during the March board of directors meeting.

The Problem! Costing You Money Every Day

There’s a billion dollar problem cattle producers deal with every year. Surprisingly, this is not a disease we’re talking about!

A Surprise Rally, Now What? Spring Market Outlook

The surprise rally from mid-January to March 2018 delivered plenty of volatility and opportunity, with certainly more to come.

It’s not too late to get Climate FieldView™ before #plant18!

Increasing your productivity will always be at the top of your to-do list. Let FieldView help you gather all

A Cinderella story: The magic of one farmer’s hobby

The enchanting picture of Cinderella’s coach magically changing back into to a pumpkin at the stroke of midnight is something just about anyone can visualize. But did you know farmers have a very similar experi¬ence to Cinderella’s midnight flight? Wait, what?

What is the value of your seed?

What is the value of your seed? This seems like an easy question, right? The accurate answer is…you get what you pay for! Newer genetics and traits mean a higher cost. On the other hand, older genetics and fewer traits mean a lower cost.

Get Your Planter Ready for #Plant18

With all the cold weather and rain, it’s hard to believe we are only weeks away from #plant18.

Key Cooperative Announces Scholarship Opportunity

Key Cooperative will award twelve $1,000 non-renewable scholarships this spring. 

A Century in the Making: Key Cooperative Celebrates 100 Years

There was quite a bit going on in the United States in 1918. WWI was winding down, and President

Winter Grain Update

The markets have finally tried to break out of the trading range we’ve been in for the past couple
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